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Oculus Lipstick

Oculus Lipstick
Oculus LipstickOculus LipstickOculus LipstickOculus LipstickOculus Lipstick

Oculus Lipstick

Oculus Lipstick is completely made of aluminium. It combines luxury and recyclability thanks to ribbed appearance and the monomaterial construction. Oculus has a 50/50 design. The lipstick is refillable: remove the cartridge and easily snap-on the new one!

Technical features

  • 100% aluminum, except the refill cap, which is made of PET
  • Cylindrical shape
  • Cup is available in size 12.7mm (4-4.2g)
  • Top-filling
  • Available only in ribbed version
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Cup: 12.7mm
SustainabilityRecyclable Material

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