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Menara Lipstick

Menara Lipstick
Menara LipstickMenara LipstickMenara LipstickMenara Lipstick

Menara Lipstick

Menara lipstick, with airtight closure, ensures perfect sealing and prevent dried out or deterioration of water-based formulations. Made of PP it's a convenient and 100% recyclable lipstick for make-up, skincare and solid perfume.

Technical features

  • 100% PP.
  • PCR PP up to 50%!
  • Cylindrical shape.
  • Cup is available in 11mm, capacity is ranged in 3.5-3.8g.
  • Airtight.
  • Top filling.
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Cup: 11mm
MaterialsPCR, PP
SustainabilityRecyclable Material, Recycled Material

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