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Kouros Lipstick

Kouros Lipstick
Kouros LipstickKouros LipstickKouros LipstickKouros LipstickKouros Lipstick

Kouros Lipstick

Kouros lipstick with a 90/10 design it's a classy lipstick that combines recyclability due to its construction in full PET and practicality. PET material is very versatile allowing to play with translucent and solid colors. Kouros lipstick works perfect for both face and lips formula.

Technical features

  • 100% PET.
  • PCR PET up to 50%!.
  • Cylindrical shape.
  • Cup is available in size 12.7mm (4-4.2g).
  • Top filling.
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Cup: 12.7mm
MaterialsPET, PCR
SustainabilityRecyclable Material, Recycled Material

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