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The Soft Tap

The Soft Tap
The Soft TapThe Soft TapThe Soft Tap

The Soft Tap

The Soft Tap (10ml) airless pen is the perfect ally for products that require airless protection and precise application. With its sleek and sophisticated design, the Soft Tap is available with three different applicators for targeted use. Its unique soft side button provides an innovative gesture and ensures accurate dosage and control with every squeeze.

Technical features

  • Side button airless pen with applicator.
  • Materials: PETG (bottle and cap), PP+TPE button, PETG pipette, stainless steel ball, and TPE tip.
  • Available in 10ml and 3 different applicators.
  • Dosage 0.15-0.3cc for low and medium viscosity formulas.
  • Easy top filling.
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MaterialsOther Plastic, Others

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