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Push Button Dropper

Push Button Dropper
Push Button DropperPush Button DropperPush Button DropperPush Button DropperPush Button DropperPush Button DropperPush Button Dropper

Push Button Dropper

This cosmetic bottle is the optimal pack for liquid and fluid solutions like treatment serums and lotions. A combination of a precise application and a premium look. Available from 5ml to 30ml.

Technical features

  • Recyclable glass bottle
  • UV filter coating available as an option
  • Customised decoration: 3 passes of either silkscreen and/or hot stamping
  • Push button dropper available with gold or silver shiny/matte collar, also with silicon or NBR teat
  • Good product compatibility and easy filling
  • Ideal for travellers: small and safe to carry around
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