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Boogie Turn Airless

Boogie Turn Airless
Boogie Turn AirlessBoogie Turn AirlessBoogie Turn AirlessBoogie Turn AirlessBoogie Turn AirlessBoogie Turn Airless

Boogie Turn Airless

Introducing Boogie Turn Airless, a sleek pack featuring an innovative dispensing. system. With a simple twist of the actuator, the formula is dispensed from the top center, ensuring precise dosing with each turn. This refillable pack, made of PET and PP, not only keeps the formula fresh thanks to its airless technology, but also exudes luxury with the double thick walls and elegant look. It is available in 30ml and 50ml.

Technical features

  • Double wall refillable pack with POM-free airless pump
  • Materials: PET outer bottle and cap & PP inner, collar and actuator. PCR options are under evaluation
  • Available in 30ml and 50ml with a dosage of 0.21cc
  • Ideal for medium to high viscosity formulations
  • Easy top filling
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MaterialsPET, PPPET, PP

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