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Neomix Airless

Neomix Airless
Neomix AirlessNeomix Airless

Neomix Airless

Neomix Airless is a dual dispenser that allows to have your tailor-made formula release in one actuator. Right on the mixology trend, a separate cartridge is click to be combined with the base formula, for an homogenous mix dispensed at once!


Technical features

  • Dual airless:outer bottle in PCTA, cartridge in PP
  • Dispensing a mixed ratio of 80/20
  • 2 options of technology according to the formula:tmospheric + airless (up to 10.000cps)
  • airless + airless (up to 40.000cps)
  • Available in 35ml with a dosage of 0.31cc
  • Made in Europe
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